Civic Music at Artstreet 2012

Thanks go to the following volunteers who greeted visitors to the Civic Music booth at Artstreet: Dick Huiting, chr., Marge & Mike Bork, Joyce Calderon, Brooks Dodson, Les Heckman, Charlotte Hoffman, Lois Kania, Marilyn Knuth, Judy Lindbom, Christopher Sampson, Jackie and Tony Staley, Jean Watson.

Winners of the drawing for a pair of season tickets are Jordan Schroeder and Sarah Kubiak. Winners of a pair of tickets to the concert of their choice are Michele Utrie, Frank and Sherry Moon, Kevin McCann, Lisa Osen, Janice Burkel and Tammy Brock. Congratulations and thanks for stopping at our booth!

Introducing Sydney…

Sydney Goddard

Sydney Goddard is the new executive secretary and will be taking your calls, answering your questions, mailing your tickets, and “keeping the books”.  Same P.O. Box but a different office. Same phone number but a new voice. You can meet Sydney at the table in the lobby on concert night.

Season Tickets Still Available

ticketsIf you missed the Sousa concert, you can still purchase season tickets–$80 for the four remaining professional concerts featuring the Calefax Reed Quintet in November and a spring lineup that includes the incomparable Empire Brass, the legendary pianist Menahem Pressler, and the preeminent Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. Purchased singly, the concerts would cost $110.

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Sousa Reigns Triumphant

Unless you searched online, you probably missed Warren Gerds’ review of Keith Brion & his New Sousa Band.  However, if you read the complete article about the St. Norbert football team’s season opener (‘Dublin Friday Night Lights’), you may have caught mention that local concert reviews ran on the Press- Gazette website.  But if you missed it, here is the link. In a nutshell, Civic Music’s season opener was a winner!

Review: Soloists spice New Sousa Band concert for Civic Music
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Obvious from the buzz and the smiles, audience members were delighted by the retro concert as they conversed with our guest musicians at the post-concert reception at Titletown Brewing Co. Sousa musicians praised Civic Music’s good fortune to have booked the Calefax Reed Quintet for our next concert and raved about the talents of the musicians in the group.

Calefax, Nov. 17 – Program

Season Listing | Program | Program Notes | Biography | Video

Calefax Reed Quintet
Saturday, November 17, 2012 – 7:30 p.m.

IVAR BERIX, clarinet
RAAF HEKKEMA, saxophone
JELTE ALTHUIS, bass clarinet
ALBAN WESLY, bassoon


Aus Holberg’s Zeit Edvard Grieg (1843 – 1907) -arr. Raaf Hekkema


Pavane pour un infante défunte, Maurice Ravel (1875-1937) -arr. Jelte Althuis

La Spagna Anonymus -arr. Raaf Hekkema

Libro de glosas (2007), José Maria Sánchez-Verdú (1968)

– intermission –

Goldberg Variations J.S. Bach (1685-1750) -arr. Raaf Hekkema

Variatio 1
Variatio 2
Variatio 3, Canone all’Unisuono
Variatio 4
Variatio 5
Variatio 6, Canone alla Seconda
Variatio 7, al tempo di Giga
Variatio 8
Variatio 9, Canone alla Terza
Variatio 10, Fughetta
Variatio 11
Variatio 12, Canone alla Quarta
Variatio 13
Variatio 14
Variatio 15, Canone alla Quinta, Andante
Variatio 16, Ouverture
Variatio 17
Variatio 18, Canone alla Sesta
Variatio 19
Variatio 20
Variatio 21, Canone alla Settima
Variatio 22, Alla breve
Variatio 23
Variatio 24, Canone all’Ottava
Variatio 25, Adagio
Variatio 26
Variatio 27, Canone alla Nona
Variatio 28
Variatio 29
Variatio 30, Quodlibet

Calefax, Nov. 17 – Program Notes

Season Listing | Program | Program Notes | Biography | Video

Johann Sebastian Bach Suite from Goldberg Variations, BWV 988

The story goes that the Goldberg Variations were written for Johann Gottlieb Goldberg, the young private harpsichordist of the Dresdener Count Herman von Kayserlinck to sooth his sleepless nights. However this is generally considered to be heresy, due to the fact that the music is very virtuosic and Goldberg could not have been older than fourteen at the time of writing.

In the arrangement for reed quintet a specific detail of the piece becomes clear; Bach wrote it for an instrument with two manuals, on which the crossing of the hands (thus of the voices) was much easier than on a regular keyboard instrument. These crossing of voices are more apparent in Calefax’s arrangement because of the differences in tonal colour of the various reed instruments.

Edvard Grieg (1843 – 1907) – Aus Holberg’s Zeit

Edvard Grieg wrote his piano suite “From Holberg’s time” for the bicentenary of the Danish/Norwegian playwright Ludvig Holberg (1684-1754). The piece follows the design of a French baroque dance suite, but then in romantic fashion. Grieg’s later version, for string orchestra, became immensely popular. In the arrangement for reed quintet, Raaf Hekkema happily uses both sources; the sonority of the string orchestra is similar to that of the reed quintet, whereas here and there the transparency of the original is being preferred.

Libro de glosas is based on the Trattado de glosas from Diego Ortiz (1510-ca1570).  The “inter-textuality” between different materials and musical techniques and process of the XVIst century music was my principal interest when I wrote this piece for the wonderful sound and quality of the Calefax ensemble. The piece consists of four Recercadas (I-IV) and a Batalla (V).

The parts I, II und V were performed in Den Bosch at December, 16th 2007. The wohle ciclus was premiered in September 6th 2008 in Utrecht (Old Music Festival). The piece is dedicated to Calefax. The intertextual relationships are as follows:

Recercada I is based on the first chords of the chanson “Doulce memoire“ von Pierre Sandrin. It is also used by Diego Ortiz in his Trattado de glosas.

Recercada II is based on the Incipit of the Madrigal “O felici occhi miei“ of Jacques Arcadelt. It is also used in Trattado de glosas.

Recercada III ist based on the ostinato “Passamezzo antico”. It is also used in Trattado de glosas.

Recercada IV is based on the tenor “La Spagna”. It is also present in Tratado de glosas.

Batalla (V) is a free composition in the form of a “battaglia” and is based on some ostinati of spanish origin as well as on an anonymous thema (XVIst century). There are also some bars of a batalla from Joseph Ximénez (XVIIIrd century).

La spagna – or, in full, “Il re de Spagna”- is a melody which was profusely improvised upon during the 15th century.  In the “basse danse”, instruments – usually the shawm – swarmed in a bristling improvisation around a slower melody. Only a few anonymous composers, however, recorded this style. Here the clarinet plays “La Spagna”; the use of the cor anglais adds to the ensemble’s dark sound color.
text by Alban Wesly

Amsterdam’s Musical Artists

Calefax Reed Quintet will perform for Civic Music on Saturday, November 17th, 7:30 pm, in the Ralph Holter Auditorium at Green Bay West High. Established 25 years ago, Calefax is in great demand worldwide, not the least because of their unique instrumentation. Featuring oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bass clarinet and bassoon, the five musicians arrange, re-compose and interpret music from eight centuries to suit their unique constellation. From early music to classical and jazz to world premières, in the hands of Calefax it all sounds fresh and new. The Amsterdam-based ensemble has won a number of prestigious prizes, and can be heard frequently throughout Europe as well as in Russia, China, India, Turkey, Japan and the USA. The Times (UK) has called them “five extremely gifted Dutch gents who almost made the reed quintet seem the best musical format on the planet.”

Read the complete bio, program and program notes.

Tickets can be purchased on our website or by calling the Civic Music office, 338-1801