Program – Oct. 5, 2012

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Keith Brion and His New Sousa Band

Mr. Mark Ponzo, Cornet
Mrs. Maribeth Crawford, Soprano
Miss Tacy Edwards, Piccolo
Mr. Willie Clark, Tuba

West High School, Ralph Holter Auditorium, Green Bay, WI
Friday October 5, 2012 7:30 p.m.

National Anthem — The Star Spangled Banner (Arr. Sousa/Damrosch)

  1. Overture — Prelude to the Comic Opera “Katherine” (Sousa)
  2. Cornet Solo (Mr. Ponzo)
    From the Shores of the Mighty Pacific (H.L. Clarke)
  3. Two Selections
    A) Morris Dance: Country Gardens Grainger
    B) Folk Tune: A Sheepshearing Song Goosens-Grainger
  4. Vocal Solo (Mrs. Crawford)
    Quel Guardo Il Caviliere from “Don Pasquale” (Donizetti)
  5. Characteristic — The Chariot Race (Sousa)
  6. I    N    T    E    R    V   A    L

  7. Spanish Dance
    The Flashing Eyes of Andalusia from the “Camera Studies Suite” (Sousa)
  8. Two Selections
    A) Vocal Solo (Mrs. Crawford) — All the Things You Are (Kern)
    B) Patrol — Marching Through Georgia (Work/Sousa)
  9. Sacred SelectionO Man Now Weep for Thy Great Sin (J.S.Bach/Grainger)
  10. Piccolo/Tuba Duet (Miss Edwards and Mr. Clark)
    The Elephant and the Fly (Kling)
  11. Patriotic Salute
    George M. Cohan Sing Along (Cohan)
    Parade of the Services (Various)