Artstreet drawing winners

Brown County Civic Music Association had a booth Artstreet again this year. Les Heckman and his volunteers did a fabulous job. Visitors to the Civic Music booth were invited to enter a drawing for two tickets to the concert of their choice. Our ten winners are listed here. If you see them at a concert this season be sure to say hello and invite them to become members next season.

The following ten people won:

  1. Randy Westberg, Green Bay, WI
  2. Michelle Sprerl, Green Bay, WI
  3. Althea Rosenberg, De Pere, WI
  4. Dakota Alvarado-Ortiz, De Pere, WI
  5. Kristen Hubbell, Green Bay, WI
  6. Donna Biebel, Green Bay, WI
  7. Collin Hess, Green Bay, WI
  8. Ebony Harvey, Green Bay, WI
  9. Melody Wuest, Sheboygan, WI
  10. Tomas Dominguez, Green Bay, WI