11/18 CONCERT CANCELLED – to be Rescheduled

The Brown County Civic Music Association received word late Friday night (Nov. 13) that the Solid Brass Ensemble could not get flights from New York City to Chicago to Green Bay due to fog and winter weather cancellations. The Saturday night, Nov. 18 concert of Brown County Civic Music, which would have featured the Solid Brass Ensemble at West High School’s Holter Auditorium, has been CANCELLED.

Civic Music is currently investigating possibilities for rescheduling Solid Brass for later in our 2017-18 season. Ticket-holders are asked to keep their tickets so that they may use them for entry into the rescheduled concert. When the new concert date is determined, details for the rescheduled concert will be available here on bccivicmusic.org and will also be sent out in our E-notes newsletter. Sign up for E-notes here.